Yousef Thraya

Brief info

Sheikh Yousef Thraya joined Fateh Al- Eslami boarding college in Damascus, Syria, after completing junior high at his hometown in Kherbit Rouha, Bekaa, Lebanon. Six years later, he earned his Islamic Studies High School Diploma with honours.

Sheikh Yousef decided to pursue his passion for deen by majoring in Islamic Religion principles ( Usul Al-Deen) at Fateh Al-Islami University, Damascus, a joint program with Al-Azhar, Egypt, for three years. He then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies from the American International Theism University. He began leading prayers in Sa’ad Ibn Mu’ad mosque in Kherbit Rouha under Dar Al Fatwa instructions for a year while teaching Islamic Studies in the town’s Junior High school.

Sheikh Yousef migrated to Canada in 2001 and volunteered in the Tahfeeth program at the Islamic School. He held Islamic and Quraan Halaqat at home and actively volunteered for Akram Jomaa Masjid until hired as a part-time Imam. Sheikh Yousef provided youth nights at Akram Jomaa with other volunteers for a year before the pandemic restrictions. Sheikh Yousef also holds Quraan, Sirah, and Fiqeh Halaqas twice a week. Currently, Sheikh Yousef is the general imam at Akram Jomaa, providing counseling services, leading prayer, and directing the new Iman Quran academy.

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