Jamal Hammoud

Senior Imam
Brief info

Sheikh Jamal Hammoud serves as the representative in Canada of the grand Mufti of Lebanon and the Supreme Muslim Court of Lebanon. Sheikh Jamal and other imams founded the Candian Council of Imams, which included meeting then Prime Minister Paul Martin. Since then, Hammoud has initiated the Alberta Council of Imams and the Alberta Muslim Council, vehicles for co-ordination activities and services and governing the faithful. Imam Jamal also keeps busy mentoring four Edmonton-born University of Alberta students whose goal is to become imams.

As the senior imam for Alberta, he served Edmonton and Calgary for 25 years before moving to Edmonton. Sheikh Hammoud started his journey toward becoming an imam as a boy of 11, sent to El Azhar Institute in Beirut to learn the Quran. After completing the Quran and graduating AL-Madinah Islamic University, he emigrated to Canada in 1986 with his family.

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