New to Islam

Becoming a Muslim only takes a short declaration, known as the “Shahada” or testimony of faith. Once said, with clear understanding of it meaning and confiction you then become a Muslim. You can also speak to one of our sheikhs to fulfill this special moment or for further guidance or questions.

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Funeral Rites

One of the most challenging moments in life is to bid farewell to those we love. As Muslims, we must trust Allah’s (S.W.T.) will and to pray for the mercy and forgiveness of the deceased. Click here for funeral request, burial process, or to learn how to perform ghusl and other funeral services.

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Getting Married

Congratulations on inshallah completing half of your deen! Click here for more information on the marital Islamic process or to have an imam initiate your wedding.

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Akram Jomaa Program/Booking Request Form

The Board of the Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre would like to thank you for seeking interest in using our Masjid space for your program or event. Before continuing, there is proper protocol and guidelines the board of directors must follow to ensure regulations are applied. We kindly ask all applicants to fill and send in the program request proposal.

    Type of Program/Activity

    Additional information about your event

    Which area of the masjid are you requesting?

    Are you requesting a one-time or recurring program or event?

    Are you charging a fee for your program or is it free?

    Do you require any equipment?