What is Prohibited in Islam?

Islamic prohibitions (great sins) can be classifieds as the following:

1. Consuming Alcohol
One drop in the sight of Islam is as harmful as one barrel. Being one of the social ills, Islam considers drink as a sinful act.

2. Consuming pork and pork products
Pork meat and its products are not permitted for health reasons and because of the general Islamic rule, which prohibits eating any animal that eats meat.

3. Gambling
It is considered a great sin to gamble. The Holy Quran indicates that gambling spreads enmity and ill-feeling among people and abolishes love and brotherhood amongst humankind. Because of its damaging effects on human relations, it is forbidden by Islam.

4. Adultery or fornication
It is not only aggression on the honor of a specific person but also the possibility of leading to societal ills and injustices. The spread of venereal diseases may be another reason for the prohibition.

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