Islam and Christianity

One of the prerequisites of being Muslim is believing in Jesus (peace be upon him) and his teachings. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are referred to as the three monotheistic religions. Consequently, Muslims believe that the source of these religions is one: Allah, the Creator. There should be no discrepancy between one religion and the other. If there is, it is the work of man, not that of Allah.

Specifically, Muslims believe: 

  1. That Jesus is the son of the virgin Mary and the messenger of Allah, but not the son of Allah. The birth of Jesus (peace be upon him) can be compared to the creation of Adam, from no father or mother.  
  2. Jesus was not killed or crucified but saved by Allah. 
  3. That Allah is the one and only, and thus the trinity concept is not accepted in Islam. 
  4. That Allah forgave the original sin of Adam and that the sin is not transferable, as “no one bears the sin of another.” 
  5. That there is no priesthood in Islam and preaching the way, Allah is the duty of every Muslim.  

Masjid-AL-Aqsa, Jerusalem. The third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Masjid Al-Haram.

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