Iman Quran Academy

Our primary focus is teaching Islamic Studies, Arabic & Quran with an emphasis on the science of Tajweed.

Al-Iman Academy strives to develop an enriched learning community that promotes academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic values. Students will be taught to follow the guidelines of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلم  and adopt his Sunnah in their daily lives.

We aspire to help all our students advance according to their individual capabilities bestowed on them by Allah (SWT) while providing the means necessary for students to reach their full potential. Our main goal is to provide young Muslims with a quality education while instilling in them Islamic morals and principles and guide your children through personalized sessions that bring the great joy of devotion to the Quran into your home.

Program Outline

Our curriculum focuses on Quranic Arabic (Reading Literacy) to Identify and pronounce the Arabic alphabet and words with proper articulation learning the foundations of the Arabic language. Your child will gain confidence in reading the Arabic Script and Arabic alphabet with the correct pronunciation for every letter by learning the points of articulation. (Makhaarij Al Huruf), we will implement Tajweed Rules and teach the basics of the Quran reading and recitation.

Register your child/children to learn, recite, and memorize Quran at Akram Jomaa.

Learning Objectives:


  1. Arabic Alphabets
  2. Introduction to Makhaarij Al-Huroof
  3. Harakat (Short Vowels)
  4. Combining & joining letters and vowels.
  5. Learning and apply basic concepts of recitation.
  6. Begin memorization of Juz Amma.


  1. Introduction to Tajweed
  2. Read letters and words with all the short vowels and basic Tajweed.
  3. Learning and apply basic concepts of recitation.
  4. Students are required to memorize the correct rulings on selected Surahs from Juz Amma and Juzz Tabarak.
  5. To gain competence and proficiency in recitation.


  1. Build up to a level of expertise in the art of Quranic recitation.
  2. Students in this course must learn to recite Quran with its proper articulation and laws, tajweed and tarteel.
  3. Students are required to memorize the correct rulings on selected Surahs.
  4. Learn advance Tajweed and strengthen Tilawah.
  5. Implement techniques for improving your memorization ability.
  6. Develop an individual personalized schedule to memorize the Holy Quran.



Limited spots are available.

Note* books are required to purchase for this class.